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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jean-Rene Toussaint Workshop 2008 - Great Opportunity!

Audrey Pernell in collaboration with A Laboratory for Actor Training
A Voice Intensive Workshop with Jean-Rene Toussaint



Jean-Rene Toussaint is a French actor, director, and theater/voice teacher. He is the founder and director of the Stemwerk International Centre for the Voice in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), founded in 1988.
 Here Jean-Rene offers guided vocal exploration for individuals, couples, and groups, as well as certification in his methods for aspiring voice teachers and theatre artists. In recent years, he also has established a center for summer intensive voice retreats in Avanos, Turkey.
His unique voice work is the result of 25 years of research and development, stemming mainly from working with deaf adults and children and from extensive world travel researching the primitive
voice. His particular technique is based essentially on the movement of the body, on delineating the difference between 'voices to be' and 'voices to do', and listening based on bodily perception.
He has directed theater groups and theater schools in France and the Netherlands since 1975 (in France 1975-1987; in the Netherlands 1988-2005) He has collaborated with artists such as Jerzy Grotowski,
Robert Wilson, Annick Nozati and companies such as Theatre du Radeau, Theatre de Feu, The Living Theater, Bread and Puppet Theater and The Roy Hart Theatre, among many others


'A wonderful and enlightening workshop anybody for who is interested in voice. I recommend it heartily.'

Kristin Linklater, Head of Voice and Theater at Columbia University

'He is as pure source of voice as any I have encounter-ed since my experiences with Roy and The Roy Hart Theatre.'

~Jonathan Hart Makwaia,
Roy Hart International Theatre/ New York
University, Experimental Theater Wing

'This workshop is to be considered groundbreaking in the fields of health, psychology and in the theater.
I highly recommend it. I am impressed with Jean- 
Rene's theories and their practical applications and
find his work to be some of the most challenging and illuminating work with the voice I have ever found.'

~Paula Langton, Head of Voice and Speech, Boston University