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Monday, April 26, 2010

Jean-Rene Toussaint Voice Workshop - APRIL/MAY 2010

If you haven't already done so here is a last minute reminder about the Jean-Rene Toussaint voice workshop. 

I've included lots of information below but in a nut shell Jean-Rene's work is not centered on making pretty voices nor is it a workshop just for singers.  It is instead a deeply personal work on accessing more of yourself, in a very short amount of time, through vocal work.   I recommended this for teachers and performers alike.

Also, even if you don't have the time or the money to participate in the workshop this time around, do come to the lecture demo on Thursday to meet Jean-Rene and learn first hand about his work.

Lecture-Demo:  "The Moveable Voice, The Moveable Self"
Thursday April 29th, 7pm-9pm
Tix now $10 at the door (free for workshop participants)
SITI Company, 520 8th Avenue, Suite 310, between 36th and 37th

Friday April 30th - Saturday May 1st, 10am-5pm
SITI Company, 520 8th Avenue, Suite 310, between 36th and 37th

Sunday May 2nd - Tuesday May 4th, 10am-5pm
SITI Company, 520 8th Avenue, Suite 310, between 36th and 37th

* PLEASE arrive 10-15 minutes early for the first workshop day (Friday April 30th) to check in with me about payments, receipts, private sessions etc.  We will break for lunch in the afternoon.  There are plenty of eateries nearby, though you may want to pack something to save time. 

* Wear comfortable clothes, be prepared to move & to work without shoes/socks.  I recommend bringing some bottled water, a journal/writing utensil, and a towel/light blanket/yoga mat (often Jean-René works with exercises involving lying on the floor, sometimes face down). 

Wed May 5th-Thursday May 6th
90 minutes to two hours (Ask me about the schedule)
Discounted rates for workshop participants: Individual Session $125 / Couple's Session $165
Simple Studios, 134 West 29th Street, 2nd Floor between 6th and 7th
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Audrey (email only before April 28th).