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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stemwerk - Primitive Voice

We are excited to announce the return of Jean-Rene Toussaint to NYC for two weekends of workshops and a memorable audition-workshop based on his technique. 

OCTOBER 15th & 16th, 10am – 6pm: 
(Beginners and returning students)
Price: $200
OCTOBER 29th & 30th, 10am -6pm:
(Returning students, including those who join us for the 10/15 – 10/16 workshop)
Price: $200

Audition- Workshop
OCTOBER 22nd & 23rd, 10am – 6pm:
(Participants only need attend ONE day)

Based on Toussaint’s discoveries during 12 years of work with deaf children, this technique allows the body to experience being a source of vibrations. Reconnecting the voice to the body allows an individual to open up a musical instrument unique for each person based on his/her life experience. Stemwerk can be used as a technique to apply to: singing; theatre; expression; interpersonal communication; pedagogy; and personal development.

Toussaint’s work is not only another approach to the exploration of the human voice but also the rediscovery of and attunement to other voices. With this approach the listening process becomes primary, placing the expression as secondary. By separating the vertical voice (breath, spine, and the ground) from the horizontal one (culture, society, communication) we reproduce a natural process reconnecting to the origin of our voice. The link between the vocal system and the pelvis on both a neurological level and an educational level is remarkable and developed.

In general with this work the entire body is concerned. Each body part has a role in both the expression and the listening process. This sensitivity to “listening” with the body is an important aspect of this work, not only with the ears but through the entire body (fingers, skin, bones, back) there is a 360° orientated listening process.

Some of the themes that will be explored in the workshop are: Emotion and “emotion of emotion” / natural and cultural emotions, Being movable in/out the voice, The voice between time and space, Male and Female energies.. a step to the creativity, The temptation of doing, the fascination of being.

Jean-René Toussaint is a French director, actor, and voice teacher. Toussaint has been working in the theater since 1973. He studied drama on the University of Paris and did additional training with: Jerzy Grotowsky, Annick Nozati, Bob Wilson, the Living Theatre and the Roy Hart Theatre. Since 1980 Jean-René Toussaint has worked on a professional level with the voice which began with his work with deaf children. He is inspired by Jerzy Grotowsky and the texts of Antonin Artaud. Since 1982, other than his work establishing Rondom Stemwerk, he has worked with: speech-teachers and as a supervisor in schools for the deaf.

Since 1987 Toussaint has dedicated his work to vocal therapy and development. Each year Toussaint leads more than 30 workshops, around 15 lectures, 10 master-classes, and has in his personal practice more than 160 clients (teachers, actors, singers, and therapists in majority) with whom he is working on a regular basis. He is also in charge of the artistic developments of the Stichting Rondom Stemwerk (founded in 1991).

For more information or to register, please contact:
unaprimitivevoice@gmail.comor call 646-641-7353
S A TOOL FOR ACTING (Returning students, including those who join us