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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roberti Carreri Workshop in the New Year! Register Now!

We are officially launching the New Year and a new era with…

“Rivers in extremely cold climates freeze over in winter. In the spring when they thaw the sound of ice cracking is an incredibly violent sound. The more extensive and severe the freeze, the more thunderous the thaw. Yet, at the end of the cracking, breaking, violent period, the river is open, life-giving, life-carrying. No one says, ‘let’s not suffer the thaw…’”
– Mary E. Membane

Two explosive weeks of theater

in New York City

with world renowned performer & teacher
Roberta Carreri
of Odin Teatret, Denmark

Traces in the Snow
January 9th
Ms. Carreri’s Performance demonstration

Dance of Intentions
Intensive master workshop with Ms. Carreri
Jan 4th- 8th


Nightly Laboratories
Jan 4th- 8th
Seminars in directing, vocal improvisation, emotions training, and montage.

January 3rd
A work-in-process performance piece exploring the common roots and rituals of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Start the New Year with Presence!

  • Full Fee $1625, register by December 1st
  • Reduced Fee $1500, register by November 30th, 2009
  • Scholarships Available
  • Space is limited to 14 actors and 10 observers
  • Observers are directors, choreographers, dramaturges, pedagogues, actors, etc.

Included in this package are:

~Five intensive days of workshop
with Roberta Carreri
~Five nightly laboratories
in directing, vocal improvisation, emotions training, and montage
led by ALATetc’s
Joann Maria Yarrow
Neil David Seibel
Audrey Pernell
Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer
Seth Baumrin
Vernice P. Miller
~Cabaret Debauché & Cabaret Dénouement
Two performance opportunities for workshop participants
~Rare film presentations from Odin’s archive
~Tickets to the presentations:
Traces in the Snow Roberta Carreri’s performance demonstration
Red Tent Fabrik ALATetc’s work-in-process
~Soiree Debauché our New Years Eve celebration

~Additional packages are available for those only interested in attending the nightly laboratories and performances.

Week Two Jan 11TH 15TH by invitation only.

See Our Website for FULL DETAILS: www.ALATetc.org

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